About Us

Diversion Water Company is family owned and operated.  It was founded in 1982 by the Valega family.  It is currently owned by Parrish Valega.  Diversion Water specializes in public water utility, serving parts of Ascension and Livingston Parish.

Our technicians have earned up to class IV certifications in Water Production, Water Distribution, and Water Treatment.  Class II certifications have been earned in Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatment. 


Parrish Valega: Owner

Kristie Valega: Office Manager, Government Agencies 

Michelle Laguiki:  Office Manager, Customer Service

Our mission is to provide the best possible water to our customers, each day, as efficiently as possible.  Our mission is also to operate within all federal and state guidelines to ensure our water is healthy and safe.  We will treat our customers with respect; remembering each customer is a valued member of Diversion Water Company.